Operational Excellence

We promote change management and transformation processes

In an environment of greater demand in quality and efficiency, all companies need to incorporate the capacity for continuous improvement in their operational teams. Critical thinking, collaborative work, the ability to innovate and test to improve processes and products must be constant. Starting the path to continuous improvement requires a balance between the practical (action and results) and the adaptive (the “ways” and “beliefs” that enable change). Our Maximum Potential approach, proven in different industries and organizations, allows our clients to quickly generate value and at the same time establish the foundations of a culture of continuous improvement.

Our specific knowledge of operational functions and more than 120 projects in more than 15 different industries allow us to focus efforts to quickly capture value for our clients, while training them to develop these functions with excellence.

About Our Services

Supply Chain

How should we organize to respond to our needs for goods and services in a timely and cost-efficient manner? What different approaches could allow me to have better results today? We help companies to analyze opportunities and organize their processes, optimize their level of investment, define a better mix of suppliers and organize the area and its management elements

Sales & Operations Planning (S&Op)

Increasingly complex and global production and sales chains demand better integration from customer demand to production and logistics. New trends and technological and physical tools are transforming the way to effectively coordinate processes and allow better results to satisfy customers, with an optimal level of inventories and costs.

Contracts Negotiation

We help our clients through a methodological framework to review their contracts, with a view of understanding the needs behind the goods and services contracted, and that transforms value opportunities. From the definition of the opportunity to the negotiation and capture of value together with the suppliers

Manteinance & Plant Shutdown

Many industrial companies require well-managed maintenance organizations and processes to achieve operational continuity. We help diagnose the status of maintenance management and implement improvement processes that allow to govern the maintenance and improve company results

Project Manager

With a view of integration and collaboration, we develop methodologies and technological solutions that allow our clients to improve their project management, of different types, and that allow improving control, communication and then key indicators, from security to financial indicators.

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