We invite you to leave the limits behind and live the challenges of senior management consulting


We are looking for women committed to their personal, professional and firm development

  • Leaders of change
  • Intellectually curious and creative
  • Strongly results-oriented
  • With great analytical capacity

What we offer?

The opportunity to grow and develop at Montblanc Consulting is for everyone, but we know that opportunity is not enough, but also having the tools to achieve success. Come build your professional career with us.

Same opportunities for everyone

We offer the same opportunities and conditions for professional growth to those who seek to be part of our team of excellence.

  • Fixed remuneration according to position
  • +2 years without gap in health contribution
  • Standardized performance evaluation

WoomUp mentoring program

We seek to enhance your skills and create development opportunities with personalized programs.
  • External networking instances
  • Professional challenge mentoring
  • Professional development workshops

Become part of a community

We want to generate spaces for conversation and reflection, enhancing networking networks inside and outside the firm

  • Events Woman @Montblanc
  • Active participation in the Montblanc network
  • Networking sessions

About Montblanc Consulting

“En Montblanc Consulting queremos a los mejores y a las mejores profesionales. Las mujeres tienen muchas habilidades que ofrecer en el mundo de la consultoría y por eso las queremos en nuestro equipo”

Cristián Yánquez

“Es muy importante no subestimarse, cada una de nosotras es capaz de hacer todo lo que se propone cuando realmente quieres dedicarte a eso. Enfocarse, quedarse y hacerlo funcionar, sin mirar atrás.””

Kathleen Barclay

“En Montblanc he visto que no hay limitaciones ni diferencias. Desde nuestras habilidades y ganas de aprender, podemos lograr lo que nos propongamos”

Esperanza Rodríguez


Gender Parity Initiative

Since 2019 Montblanc is part of the IPG agreement that is an Initiative of the World Economic Forum with the purpose of reducing gender gaps and increasing female economic participation

Learn more about IPG at: https://iniciativaparidadgenero.cl/