Business strategy

We promote change management and transformation processes

Competitive forces and the elements that shape and define the business strategy of companies have radically changed. At Montblanc, we help our clients to reimagine their business from their perspective, incorporating technologies in the definitions and also redefining the role and scope of the company, with an ecosystem perspective.

About Our Servicies

Business Strategy

We help to build a business strategy that recognizes the essential assets and capabilities of the company, the competitive environment, and the client’s perspective. We incorporate new views of business models, from income generation to collaboration models and ecosystems

Comercial Strategy

We help our clients to understand the elements valued by customers in their relevant markets and define integrated actions for greater commercial effectiveness.


We analyze companies in a position to buy or sell, understanding their business system, operational and commercial performance, strategy, and growth potential, facilitating an effective valuation and generating indications to guide the effort and focus post-merger or purchase/sale

Joint Ventures

We support companies in the definition of strategic alliances, establishing the elements of collaboration and the limits of action for the members of the alliance

Scenario Planning

We support organizations to imagine possible futures through a structured process, which allows anticipating concrete and integrated actions (multi-area) to respond to potential future risks and opportunities

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