Selection Process

Interact in a high-level environment

  • High level professional staff
  • Integration and learning with senior managers
  • Professional promotion based on merit

Be part of an organization connected to the world

  • Projects with leading companies
  • Teams with professionals and associated foreign consulting firms – international networking
  • Development of international contacts and relationships

Accelerate your learning and career

  • Exposure to business management
  • Variety of topics and diversity of industries
  • Growth in an environment of healthy competition Management of responsibilities

Application Requirements

Selected among many for their personal quality, enthusiasm, intellectual curiosity, analytical strength, rigor and empathy, our collaborators quickly join a demanding and welcoming team.


  • Leadership
  • Uncertainty handling capacity
  • Sharpness in the face of problems to be solved
  • Aptitude for rapid learning Interest and commitment
  • Personal maturity Proactivity, curiosity and creativity
  • Capacity for teamwork


  • Outstanding results
  • Great analytical capacity
  • Good level in English
  • Solid knowledge of IT tools

Working at Montblanc according to their consultants

“I thought that during my first months they would only give me the notes of the meetings and they would not invite me, but it was not like that. In fact, with less than 6 months at the firm, I participated in meetings with the CEO of a company that invoices close to US $ 2B, so the external exposure is from the beginning, which reflects the culture of trust and constant Montblanc challenge”

Felipe Beltrán

Previous experience

Analyst / Consultant

Outstanding performance

Up to 3 years of experience

Project Leader

Consulting experience

Postgraduate degree in business or economics


Demonstrated experience in senior management consulting

Selection Process

Montblanc has a clear and rigorous selection process for new consultants.


CV Reception

  • Send us your CV so we can see it.

Up to March 18th


Analytical Test

  • 45 minutes of an analytical test

Up to March 25th



  • Interviews with Project Leaders
  • Interviews with Partners

March – April


Join Us

  • Job Offer
  • Incorporation to the Company

April – August 2022

Join Montblanc

The essential asset to achieve excellence is our team of consultants.